Friday, May 18, 2018

TJ Maxx FInds

My TJ Maxx Finds

I can't believe that this is my first time at TJ Maxx, and the merchandise there are to me very good.
The prices I do like allot and are reasonable.

I bought a few items that I seen at other department stores for way more in price than what TJ Maxx is asking for. Excellent I say..

I really like the nail polish, I just love the names, and the coconut oil it works great on my hair and the scent is yummy. 

1.  Nutrient Rich Coconut oil- $ 5.99 from $10.00

2. OpI Red My Fortune Cookie $ $3.99 from $6.00 #8027

3. OPI Pinking-Of you $ 3.99 from $ 6.00 # 7263

4. Revlon Dramatic Lift $5.00 from $ 9.00  Mascara

5. Elizabeth Arden Eye Treatment $ 7.99 from $ 14.00

6.  L'Oreal Revita Lift Moisturizer

7. Reaction Black Purse I love this one. $29.99 from $ 99.99

I so will be going back and see what else I can purchase, I'm thinking body scents and lotion.

A very nice and great purse.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

DIY Jewelry Candy Box

Jewelry Candy Box

Candy Jewelry Box Oh no! don't toss out your candy boxes that are cute. Here I have made a fun jewelry box to put my rings in. 

I was going to toss it but lucky I didn't

All you need is:

Cute Candy Box

Cotton Balls any color

Small pom poms any color


Here is what I came up with :)

Then I added my rings to keep safe.

Please share your creations with me so I can check them out, I am always looking for new fun ideas.

Crafts & DIY'S

My favorite floral skirt

Favorite Floral Skirt

I can't believe that taking a trip to the second hand shop that I would find this beautiful floral skirt. I do have a favorite female singer Stevie Nicks and her wardrobe is awesome. I sometimes fashion my clothes after her:)

The skirt is so delicate that it will wrinkle at times, but I am loving it.

With nothing to do and no where to go:) wishing I can close my eyes and imagine a beautiful place and open my eyes and there I am..

My fashion and others

Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Chicken Broccoli Pasta Dinner

I had to make my Chicken Broccoli Pasta Dinner tonight and added ingredients that I love. I say it makes a dinner more enjoyable when you add what you like to eat.

For this dinner I added Green Onions, Cheese, Chicken, Broccoli, and  mushrooms. First I cooked the chicken then I drained it added water, and pasta and , Green Peas Frozen, broccoli, Mushroom and brought to a boil and then cover and simmer until pasta is tender.

 When the pasta is ready  the water should be almost gone, then I add Cheese and mixed all good and when ready to serve I added the Cilantro for taste, I'm glad I made this dinner it came out real good.

Monday, July 13, 2015

My Ulta Purchase

Yesterday was my birthday but it did suck kind of when I went to Ulta they ran out of Urban Decay samples, nooooooo, oh well I still love the store and if I could yes I would live there, hehhe here is What I bought on this trip  , new Items to try.

I never tried an Ulta brand so I wanted to try it this time, and I liked how it went on very smooth and the scent is very soft, as well as leaving your face soft, this morning before washing  my wash it was still soft, I see no redness it always comes out fast on my face but nothing,  liking  it so far:) 

It is  named Ulta Ultimate Clean Foaming Face Wash Protected Skincare  (thumbs up) $9.00 reg with card $ 7.65

I also purchased this product yet to try it on my next wash and give it a proper review then. Name Not Your Mothers, Kinky Moves Leave in Conditioner Intense moisturizing for all curl types  Anti-Frizz Curl Retention. $5.00 as is
And I got this one free sample for my Birthday never tried it before but I do love the brand products from Redken, 5 t h avenue NYC, extreme length primer it is a rinse off treatment foe distress hair.  This was not free looking at  my recite it was 1 cent  

This is what is going on if the future months at Ulta :)

TJ Maxx FInds

My TJ Maxx Finds I can't believe that this is my first time at TJ Maxx, and the merchandise there are to me very good. The prices...