Thursday, October 10, 2013

Home Cooked Vegetable Soup

Today I made my mom's home made Vegetable Soup, but I'm sure it was everyone's as well:) I made this one a vegetable one because I had no chicken to add:( oh well I loved it anyway so yummy. What I add is just Celery, Carrots, Onion, Potato's, Cabbage, Chicken Cube Bullion no salt or pepper the bullion has that already. And this is what I got. The only thing I did forget was lemon to squeeze over.

When boiling the chicken first you must skim the top until it is clear and no more come to the surface, then that is when you add your potatoes and they have to be soft before adding the other ingredients. Once all the veggies are soft it is ready to serve.

And you have yourself Home Made Chicken Soup perfect for the winter.

My dinner is ready for me to eat. Minus the lemon :(  Oh and I always have a small bread roll with it as well.
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