Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rusty Wilson's Hairy Trio of Bigfoot Campfire Stories Book Review

Who don't like a Bigfoot story? I got this book on my Kindle Fire. I have to admit  this is wild all the stories of accounts by witnesses, this author went to extremes to get these stories, you have to read.

 He was also on Coast to Coast am. I read the other books he has and I am not disappointed at all. Good stories to give you goose bumps at  night. Well written.

It makes me wonder seeing all the show's on TV about strange happenings in the woods and witness accounts. At times I feel the urge to go exploring myself then it hits me Um NO! I do recommend this book if you are into the Strange and Unusual.

Heaven and Hell the journey of Chris and Serena Davis Book Review

I really enjoyed  this book it was a good one. It has two more books to this series and the story gets real good if you like action, adventure, mystery, drama it is a spiritual story that will have you wanting to finish it in one day, I loved it. by Kenneth Ziegler

The story is inspired by the Scriptures it get's real interesting not a boring  chapter. I do recommend this book. It is also for  Kindle fire. 

Dead Mountain the untold true story of Dyatlov Pass Incident Book Review

At first I didn't think I was going to like it when my brother sent it to me on my Kindle Fire, then I researched it and the author was on Coast to Coast am I  enjoy that radio show, I read into the story as it is a true story. About 9 students who went into  a certain pass and didn't return. 

 I don't want to say more but I have to say it as a well written story and a few weeks ago they made a film about it on Netflix called Devil's Pass it was an ok movie, far from the book, the movie showed students wanting to know the real truth. 

It made you think about things we don't know of.. A very interesting and sad story.
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