Thursday, August 14, 2014

Turkey Zucchini Boat from Rockin Robin's Recipe

I really like how this one  came out. Real good and taste good not hard at all to make, Thank you Robin.

Rockin Robin's Site

 First I got the ingredients we need.
the next step  I washed the zucchini and cut in have and scoop the middle and placed it aside.
I put these in the oven for 20 minutes as she says to and as it was in the oven I was cooking the meat and onion and then after cook drain and add the taco seasoning and zucchini that I scraped out place it all back and cook for a few more minutes.
after I took the zucchini out of the oven and my filling was cooked I added it to my lil boats and top it with cheese and placed it back in the oven till the cheese melted.
This came out real good, and  I will make it again, thanks Robin for sharing your recipe's.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chicken Parmesan Easy Cheesy Healthy Recipe by Rocky Barragan

Yummers.  I am happy that this came out real good, I made two but could only eat one so the other one I have for lunch, the creamy cheese and the sauce just makes the chicken juicy and no hard work to prepare at all.

I did this under an hour and no mess or hassle haha I don't care for mess but it happens:) thank you Rocky for sharing your recipe's and I will try more
rocky barragan recipes
The finish dish mmm.
what we need:
what is looks like before the oven.
after 40 minutes I left a little longer
I took it out and added the cheese and put back in for 5 minutes till cheese is melted

when it is done: And it was delish for left over as well.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What I got from Amazon Prime

I really like these products. I did order them again, and I don't like the Garnier travel size for $9.00 not so worth it.  i

t didn't come in it's box. but the others I liked and reordered but will not get the travel size again for that price.
Very happy with the packaging and products except the small travel size price. 

Amazon Prime bad packaging

I do like Amazon but the package I got today was not good my hair color box was smashed and the shampoo was leaking a bit. What really got me was it was all tossed in, I just wonder who was that bored to pack.

Amazone I am really upset with that seller. Although the hair color was not open. Just a nasty packaging. 
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