Friday, January 23, 2015

The Gossip (1950) Video

I just love to watch these old movies they had back in the days full of information they had. I find it helpful for these days as well. The fashion they wore I just love it and how it was that way today. How much we all changed form way back.

If you watch these video's you will be hooked like me and watching all they have. I also like watching the movies that they made as well 1050's old movies. I am old at heart.

Beauty and Fashion Styles

The sun is trying to come out

I just love how the sun was out and I could actually stare into it with out hurting my eyes, even thought it probably did.

This was taken a couple of days ago around 11:00 am I thought it would be a pretty day picture  the beautiful sun was trying to peek through the clouds.

Baked Vegetable Ziti Try and Review

Oh! My this was so good, I have not tried this one recipe before with any other ingredient’s. I was watching I Heart Recipe’s  this  is  Rosie’s Site,  her recipe’s look so good I had to try this one last night to have with my Tri Tip Beef.  I loved it everything came out good and cheesy. You can taste the cheese and carrots, baby Kale oh! So good.
 Here is what I used all are her ingredient’s.

·         2 ½ uncooked Penna pasta
·         24 oz of Alfredo sauce
·         1 cup Kale chopped
·         1 cup Broccoli chopped
·         1 cup Carrots chopped
·         ½ tsp salt
·         1 tsp Garlic Powder
·         1 tsp Onion Powder
·         ¼ tsp ground black Pepper
·         2 tsp Italian Seasoning
·         2/3 cup shredded Colby and Cheddar mix Cheese
·         1 ½ cup Mozzarella
You can get the full Instructions at I Hear Recipe  
forgot to add the cheeses.

After I boiled the Penne and drained. I mixed all the ingredients together to get this as I put it in a small pan that's all I had for now.
This looks so good right now, then I placed in the oven until I wanted the cheese melted and I also left it in till I got the carrots soft, although you don't have to do it that way, I just like the carrots soft.
the finish dish.
I placed it on a small plate and had it with my meat mmm,
I do hope that you try this it is really good if you love the cheese, and I'm sure if you don't like the ingredients you can add yours.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Loreal Revitalift & Loreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm Review

Loreal Revitalift is a face cream with Anti-Wrinkle + Firming SPF 18 sunscreen. I use this daily since last month and I am seeing my face come back to life. I see if firmer and not flaking like some of the face creams I have tried in the past yuk.

  This one I use after I use my Neutrogena System works great..
At night I use the left which is Loreal Age Perfect Hydra-nutrition Golden Balm.  This product I like it has a soft perfume smell but not over powering. If I do see my face in the day and I see it needs a pick me up under the eyes or T-Zone I apply and leaves my face feeling tingly and happy. I've notice the fine lines softer when I add these two together. It has a waxy feel to it, so if you don't like a waxy feel on your face this is not for you. It is great I will purchase again.

Rusk Sensories brilliance Conditioning Review

I did purchase Rusk this last month the second week in the month.  I am not too happy with this one it leaves my hair smelling great with the scent of Grapefruit and Honey. After a couple of days it makes my hair heavy and dry. I tried other leave in conditioners before, for some reason this one my hair is just not happy with. 

So I just use it as a pretty scent on my hair if I am going out or to the stores I just put a little dab and just one sweep over my hair and off I go.  will not use it as a leave in conditioner just to heavy but I do love the scent not too harsh just right. 

  It is Paraben-Free now with argan oil & awapuhi.

I do like there other products, this one was just a no.

Got in the mail for a free product Loreal Paris Advanced Haircare Review

Yeah I got this in the mail as a free sample, I love getting free samples to try.

 I have not used this yet so I will be trying this this weekend and will give a update if I like it or not:) Exciting to try my hair gets real dry and frizzy so will see. Loreal has a few products I do love.

Update: I did finally try this one and yes it works great. I do have damage hair and every little product help. This left my hair fuller looking and not damage looking. I will be purchasing this again and it is for color treated hair.

Beef Tri Tip Video and Review

This was the first time that I had cooked a Tri Tip Beef Roast. I never thought to use the Broiler pans I could have been baking left and right haha. I found a cooking video on this Tri Tip it was the first time so I just didn't want to dry it out. 

I should of took more photos of browning both sides before placing into the oven, I did leave it for about an hour. I placed it in at 11:00 am and took it out at 12:45 pm and it was real good. Thank you to the chef for this video it did help allot.

   I only used this seasoning as my brother didn't give me enough notice we were going to have this for dinner, I had what was on hand thank goodness it was the same as the chef.
This is about 25 minutes in I always have to check it's a habit I know it wasn't in long enough:) mmm the smell is like if I was in a restaurant oh yeah.
Here is the finished master piece haha OK not but it was real good and we did devour it and well there might be leftovers for a little sandwich mmm  had it with store bought macaroni salad.

Here is the video that I used with my cooking.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Art Videos I use to Practice

These sketches I did as I watched a few videos on how to. This is how I am learning till I can get into a art class.  In the mean time I am having a blast just learning from these artist who are kind enough to share there work.

Rose Video
She is pretty and easy to draw
not bad
This one I did fro a old book can't think of the name,
Did this one myself to see if I can do it :)
Did this one myself as well, I just need more practice:)
Did my self as well :)

What I use to Sketch

I got this set from my brother and I am loving it, it may not be professional haha but I am not as well. I like this for the beginner as myself. What it comes with is great:

Oil Pastels, Colored Pencils, Watercolor Paints, Acrylic Paints, Oil Paints, Sharpener 2 in one, Eraser, Pint Brushes two types round,flat, Water Well, small Palette

 This is a perfect if you are just starting out and don't want to buy the bigger sizes of the paints.

Sketching Pad I use

When I did these sketches I used this pad Newsprint, I find it really good with colors The paper texture is what it says rough but not that rough. I have a few sketches I did looking at others art that I got inspired to try and I love it. Everyday I am finding it a little easier to draw and I thought I would never do it right.

What I did is get all my colors I use just to see what the paper would pick up more and not bleed. This is what I came up with. The oil Paints are the ones that almost bleeded on the other side along with Crayola markers.
1.Oil Pastels
2. color Pencil
3. Watercolor Paint
4. Watercolor Pencil
5. Acrylic Paint
6. Oil Paint
7. Crayola Markers
8. Sharpie Pen

The two that showed more is Oil Paint and Crayola Marker, all in all I love how the others took, this paper is not bad even to practice or experiment with.

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