Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beef Tri Tip Video and Review

This was the first time that I had cooked a Tri Tip Beef Roast. I never thought to use the Broiler pans I could have been baking left and right haha. I found a cooking video on this Tri Tip it was the first time so I just didn't want to dry it out. 

I should of took more photos of browning both sides before placing into the oven, I did leave it for about an hour. I placed it in at 11:00 am and took it out at 12:45 pm and it was real good. Thank you to the chef for this video it did help allot.

   I only used this seasoning as my brother didn't give me enough notice we were going to have this for dinner, I had what was on hand thank goodness it was the same as the chef.
This is about 25 minutes in I always have to check it's a habit I know it wasn't in long enough:) mmm the smell is like if I was in a restaurant oh yeah.
Here is the finished master piece haha OK not but it was real good and we did devour it and well there might be leftovers for a little sandwich mmm  had it with store bought macaroni salad.

Here is the video that I used with my cooking.

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