Monday, January 19, 2015

Sketching Pad I use

When I did these sketches I used this pad Newsprint, I find it really good with colors The paper texture is what it says rough but not that rough. I have a few sketches I did looking at others art that I got inspired to try and I love it. Everyday I am finding it a little easier to draw and I thought I would never do it right.

What I did is get all my colors I use just to see what the paper would pick up more and not bleed. This is what I came up with. The oil Paints are the ones that almost bleeded on the other side along with Crayola markers.
1.Oil Pastels
2. color Pencil
3. Watercolor Paint
4. Watercolor Pencil
5. Acrylic Paint
6. Oil Paint
7. Crayola Markers
8. Sharpie Pen

The two that showed more is Oil Paint and Crayola Marker, all in all I love how the others took, this paper is not bad even to practice or experiment with.

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