Thursday, April 9, 2015

Strange Things Entry

Have you ever wondered what in the world is out in our big universe? I always do, tonight I was watching a video on they Mysterious Bigfoot in which people see a large tall looking person but can't figure it out. I am interested in strange things as you can tell. The story was real interesting specially when the people who encounter these beings have photos of them, that is when we ask ourselves is this real or Photoshop?

Now if you want to see a good video of this catagory look up the Boggy Creek back in the 70's I did ad I loved not sure if I would want to encounter one myself but loved it. Scientific research is still going on today in looking for this half human and half beast, if they  can't catch him that should tell you they don't want to be found.

Me bieng 5'2 to encounter one this tall 9 footer they say, um I'll pass, so when your out there in the forest keep your eyes open.

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