Tuesday, May 19, 2015

10 Tips I Reduce Stress

Every day life can be stressful with family, kids,  everyday errands, and what not. Although I have no kids yet, I still get stressed out and feel like getting on a plane and head to a deserted island now that may be almost everyone's wish or just me. These are tips I like to use to reduce my stress level even when I feel a headache coming my way. If you have any please share I would love to see how you kill it.

Tips on what I do:

1. Deep Breathe

I find this helpful for me, I lay on the floor with everything around me turned off all nice and quiet. I try and do 10 minutes of this or 5, it makes my body more relaxed when rested.

2. Listen to music

I enjoy a soft kind of music not the yelling kind what rest will you get out of that. I like classical or light vocals and just close my eyes and drift off.

3. Nap Time

Now who doesn't love naps if you don't check yourself, the body can do for a 15 minute cat nap, even at times when I was at work I would take 15 minutes break and close my eyes have my alarm set, if you can do this please give it a try the day will go by faster. Don't do a cigar break do a nap break you're body will thank you.

4. Walk

I enjoy a walk to the local library or store, put a pair of soft walking shoes and take that walk, even if it is around the block if you have kids take them to exorcise will do them good.

5. Journal Writing

I like to write in my journal of things that I have done, or things that I am going to do. Make a fun list don't go make a complicated list or that stress will be on the attack mode.

6. Bake

I find baking to be fun, have you always wanted to try a new recipe that requires baking? Well get them baking pans out and bake invite friends or family over not to many maybe 2 or 3 and have fun.

7. Message

Now I haven't tried this yet but it is on my list, find a good spa or if you know someone get that message in, your body will be in heaven and so will the stress. A good message will rest them muscles out and your'll be a fresh new person.

8. Take a bath

This is the best one if you can find the time, pour a soft scent in the hot bath tub and bring a book or not and just sit there and soak up the heat of the water, close them eyes and drift not to far don't want you drowning.

9. Plant flowers

Get in your garden and plant the newest flowers  to your season ready for summer, if you don't have a garden make one. They are fun. I do love to garden and plant, or if not I buy a few house plants and arrange them to look more like a little garden where I can find the room. That makes the stress leave seeing all the beautiful plants or flowers.

10. Go to the movies

I like going to the movies in the day when there are no people they are still asleep or working. No kids jumping around, yelling. Just sit there with your snacks and enjoy the movie. If you can't just go for a car ride and site see around your area, you'll be amazed of stuff you can find and to think you lived there a long time and barley found out about the place, happens to me allot.

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