Sunday, May 31, 2015

Grilled Chicken Breast Strip

I love this one when I am wanting a snack and not dinner I go to the meat isle in the market and purchase this one, they have a few others, these are already made.  All you have to do is warm them up and warm your tortilla up and there you go. I added cheese to mine I didn't want to many foods in mine.

This is how they look out of the bag and pop them in the microwave or skillet which ever you like.
These are what  you put them in, Oh My! I love these, they are like a pita pocket. The taste is wonderful you can taste the Rosemary with the chicken and cheese yes I love it.
Here it is when I added the cheese and chicken now this was very hot I just added the cheese  it was barley . melting. mmmmmm  you have to try it for yourselves.

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