Friday, May 29, 2015

Help! I've Been Scammed Online!

I have recently came across this site and thought to share with you all. I know in the past at times when I would find a" what I thought was a great site to make extra cash" was not. It's all about the PITCH and how to get you in or shall I say sucker you in.

Many sites offer great promises, but as the saying goes if it is to good to be true then watch your self. Unfortunately many people really don't dig hard enough to see if it is a safe legit sight and that is when the scam falls. And I fell into one myself.

Please read this site and protect your self when thinking of trying a make extra cash site, and research, research, research, and most of all Do not give any information out at all until you know 100% they are real.

Scammers are doing their best to hit us from just about every possible avenue these days, from email phishing, to cell phone SMiShing, and everything in between.

Much like master pickpockets learn to use misdirection to confuse and distract their victims, modern-day internet-based scammers use fear, false urgency, curiosity, and other tactics to help them in their quest to steal money and information

. It can be hard to bring scammers to justice because of the difficulties associated with tracking them down. Scammers often cover their tracks by using fake or stolen identities, coupled with anonymizing Internet services, spoofed e-mail addresses, and disposable phone numbers.

Please read this Article below  as well: And Don't be SCAMED again.

Consumer Deception On A Massive Scale
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