Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Strange Story at Night 3

Oh geez I have to tell you this one a good one, I wonder if anyone else heard this let me know.

Entry 4:   3-6-15 9:40 pm

Well if the lights were not freaky enough we had a LOUD NOISE around 9:45- 10:40 pm I heard a loud noise in the house I thought but when I opened the door I heard what it sounded like we were bieng invaded by millions of aircraft's, even the neighbors came out and shouted  What's That Noise! the dogs were even barking as well as the birds chirping loud. I swear you could hear people talking in the noise like they were in the noise,

It lasted a good amount of time so loud and who ever was talking was a woman and man seems like, also I was so freaked because I never heard this before in my life I forgot to record it, but this girl I am sub to on her you tube video they got it recorded and they are in Canada and they heard it, I asked my brother if he heard it at work, he works out side at times and he didn't hear nothing.

I asked around and can you believe that no one heard it, how is that possible it was so never came back and I'm glad...
I did check the news and paper the next day or the day after and nothing of any mention of the noise..

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