Monday, June 29, 2015

Do I really sound like a kid?

I can't believe that I still sound like a kid. I went with my brother a few month ago to stay at a hotel till his house got fumigated. We stayed there a few days, as we returned home, I was waiting for the gas man to get to our place and turn on the main gas and check the house heaters, stove.

I was waiting for him just watching tv and eating popcorn. well there is a knock at the door, getting up I walk to the door, you can see out but you can not see in. I said hello, he said he was there to turn the gas in, I told him that my brother is out but he can come in and turn the gas on.

He told me straight out I can not enter unless your mom or dad are home as well.. (lol) I laughed a little and told him that I am not a little kid, I told him my age and when I open the iron door he seen me and said ok you look like your in school. no I told him and he said I sounded like a kid.

Hmm. I recorded my voice but I don't sound like a kid do I? hahaha.

The other time was a few days ago a man came to the door passing flyers out and I said again hello, and he said can I talk to your mommy and daddy, I had to have fun and I said no there not here now, so he said ok I'm going to leave the flyer here ok, and make sure your parents get it, ok I will...(lol)

Little does he know my age hahaha..  Have you been told this as well? and believe me it still goes on.. Thank goodness there are no pitchforks at my door...

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