Friday, June 19, 2015

I Loved The 70's

I loved the 70's, I so loved the show when it came on VH1  That show hit all the things I did as a kid growing up. Reminds me of my childhood who didn't love the 70's?  I loved the clothes my mother made me and my brother, we never matched, something about the checker bell bottoms we all  wore as a kid. 

We didn't care about fashion, name brands, computers, video games, we were real kids playing in the dirt drinking from the hose when we got thirsty, Oh come on you done it to:) Who remembers the toys we all had they were the best.

Here are some of the toys we had as a kid, I loved all and me and my brother played for hours and hours. My favorite are the Tinker Toys:)

My Favorite of all time yes the Tinker Toy mixed with Lincoln Logs 

Can't remember this name,
This was Speak and Spell much fun.
This was my Nockers always hit me in the head but I still kept playing:)
This one was View Master I thought it was so cool back then lol
No kid got around the block with out a Big Wheeler get real, we always did our cool stunts, haha
My first calculator I was cool now, stand back.
Lincoln Logs were the fav back then, to see who could build the best forest homes.

Spiralgraph oh yeah we were rocking it with Einstein you know it.

My Barbie Mobile no girl was real unless they had the Mobile RV lol I loved mine it was the 80's but I was cool.
I love to share more but so many cool toys, here is the place where me and my brother wanted our parents to move, they said no. It did look like this until years they changed the look.

Do you have favorite 70's toys please share:)

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