Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Ghost Hunting Experience Part One

A couple of years ago I thought to try something different and see what I can find and I sure did. I came upon a site that was a paranormal site and joined I had never been in an investigation in my life, this was a new adventure. It started out first we all went to meetings to get to know one another and it was fun we all had the same in common.

I was told that I was going to have my first investigation (I went to 2 ) if I wanted to go, Oh! Yes I said, so that week I was preparing  and getting my things ready. The weekend came and I was headed to a place in Los Angeles  a Veterans Knights place pretty cool for Veterans to hang out and relax, anyway the owner told us of things bieng moved around and talking and walking, she took us 3 around and we did are look a rounds it was cool.  She left us in the place and locked us in, We got all are equipment out and placed it where to be placed.

We did an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and set our camera's out as well. We started in the kitchen and asked a few questions, just then the chair moved we were no where near it, And it was dark so we turned the lights on but we saw no move of a chair, so we left our equipment there and headed back up stairs we did a few questions there, then  headed to the basement.

Now this is where I got freaked, we were down there in the pitch darkness we saw nothing, we asked more questions and it took only a few moments when we heard people walking and talking up stairs like if a party was going on, we asked more questions then the talking stopped and we heard walking and it was coming down the stairs, I was so freaked a friend of mine took off up stairs and we stayed below waiting to hear are friend say something we heard nothing so we headed back up and he was looking around but the doors were locked and no sign of people or open door.

Later tat night we played are recorders we did capture voices talking and we hear chairs being moved around as if they were getting ready for something, we heard a women voice say who is she, I think it was for me I was the only girl. It was so freaky I really liked it, I had the recordings but they stayed on the site. I went home that night after we cleaned up and a few hours of being home I heard my dishes in the kitchen being moved I am the only one home, I went in and nothing, then I went back to my room and I had my keys on the bed and they few off the bed, not sure what followed me but thank goodness it took off after that night.

I since gave up Paranormal as to my Love for Jesus and knowing who was behind this all. I do have more paranormal stories to share stay tuned,  Do you have any please share.

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