Sunday, June 21, 2015

There was no sultry sexiness about her. That came much later Marilyn Monroe

She was one of my favorites of many more in the past, I became a fan of hers back in the late 80's. I always admired her clothes her hair her ambition, so beautiful, even before Hollywood created Marilyn. I also watched the mini series this past month and no matter how many movies they make of her she still had that sad little girl life. I sometimes find myself trying her hairstyles not bad (haha) 

Her life was a complicated one with many heart breaks and fails, but no mater what people say she was a smart women she knew what she wanted and went after it, but she went after the wrong things to take her life which is so sad, I'm sure today she would of had many awards to her name and maybe a family she always wanted. Will never know

The beauty in her was amazing. 

Original Article read more:   By ASTRID AND BEN FRANSE

Snivel y noted the 19-year-old’s measurements on an agency card: ‘Size 12, height 5.6, 36 bust, 24 waist, 34 hips. Blue eyes, perfect teeth and blonde, curly hair.’
But she would later recall: ‘Actually her hair was dirty blonde. California blonde, which means that it is dark in the winter and light in the summer.
'It curled very close to her head, and was unmanageable. I knew it would have to be bleached and worked on.’

It was August 2, 1945 and this was the first meeting between Norma Jeane Dougherty – later known as Marilyn Monroe – and the mentor who launched her career.

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