Thursday, July 16, 2015

100 Ways To Become a Twitter Power User

I was looking around for more tips on the platforms I am using, and I seen this older post about great tips. They seem all good even the one's that I have not seen before, I will try some of these techniques.

It's always great to learn even if it's from the past you never know what might work and what will not until you give it a try.

CNNFortune reported 100 million Twitter users log in to use the app at least once a month. Half of those, 50 million, log in every day. About 55% check in on mobile devices, while about 40% just check in without actually tweeting.

Those numbers are huge for anyone who’s marketing online. But that’s not all.

Thirty-four percent of marketers who use Twitter have generated leads from its use…with 20% of those closing deals.

But how do you take advantage of this growing audience of Twitter consumers? You have to become a power user. So, here are 100 proven tips to help you do just that.

Original Article:    by NEIL PATEL       

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