Thursday, July 23, 2015

2 Products I bought at Target

Wow going into Target today was quiet, going in the morning is the best I can say no one is there:) I love all the clothes they have so many sales going on for summer clothes I so have to go back. I like how they have more selection in the women's section.

I sadly had to say no to other products this time and I went in only for 2 products as I am proud of my self, haha. I recently purchased a black hair color from Ultra but I didn't like that color it said it lasts long but it didn't last that long for we, it was almost a week before it went dull, that was Feria in black I think maybe I forgot to but the other product I usually get to keep my color longer hopefully because I always liked this brand I hope they didn't change there stuff again.

I love these cute ones, they always keep my hair in place and not falling out as some scrunchies do.

Ok I am going back to my color and see what happens, fingers crossed, one day I'll take a trip to a professional and do it the right way:)

Here is what I bought at Ultra a week ago, I love them but disappointing in the hair color

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