Friday, August 7, 2015

3 Products I bought at Ralphs

Ok I am always changing my creams to fit me, so now I am trying the line of organic Alba, this one is a nice one that is doing real good with my face, it leaves it so moisturized all through the day, I am very happy with this one,

My Purchase I am so far happy with.


smoothing jasmine & vitamin e

This is how it looks out of the box, a pretty good size should last a while long.

Here is how the cream looks like, it is very fluffy and goes on very smooth, the scent is great and doesn't last long.

Now I am trying the Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap, Cleanse and moisturize naturally! This traditionally crafted 86% Pure Olive Oil soap is superbly moisturizing and loaded with Naturally Nourishing Antioxidants™. Pure and simple as soap can be – perfect for all skin types.
I always liked Alberto Vo5 this pair was great with the price:) plus I love how it leaves my hair, no matter what other high end or store bought brand I try, I always go back to this product.

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