Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Enchanted Written by Angela Adame

I love to write and I have a few stories I will share with you, these are all raw unedited and out of my head, one day I will have a book of tales corrected by a professional editor:) I am not a professional at all, I love my imagination at times.


On a warm summer breeze night, Rhiannon took a walk that she would never forget. Near the river of the back roads she came upon a dilapidated shack where an old women lives who the towns people call the Night Witch. They say she comes out at night and will kill.
She did not believe the town people. All they like to do is gossip. If you don’t fit to their satisfaction. She got near the shack and saw the old windows hanging off their hinges with cracks all around the frames and the door barley closed due to rotten edges, and a broken handle with a small hole that you can see right through.
She felt sad for the woman, and as she heard the ragged dog bark and the old woman came out yelling…
“Get out or I’ll kill you!”
Still, that did not frighten Rhiannon, as she walked to the shack. The dog barking louder, the elderly woman standing on her half broken steps, with a shovel in her left hand raised up and lantern barley lit in her right hand.
The women yelled out!
“Who are you, and what in the sam hill do you want with me?”
Rhiannon said, “I mean you no harm. My name is Rhiannon , and I live right in back of here above the little hills. When I can’t sleep I take midnight walks. Like I said, I mean you no harm,” The elderly women raising her voice saying “I have no visitors that come to see me so you get out now!”
Rhiannon softly speaking. “I know you’re alone, and since I can’t sleep how about getting to know each other a little better?”
“No go away the old woman said!”
The dog still barking and wagging his tail at the same time.
Rhiannon said, “See, your dog likes me, now why can’t you give me a chance?” Silence came over the woman for a second, then said, “I have no friends and that is the way I like it you hear?”
She bent down to pet the musty old dog. See your dog likes me, now isn’t that a good sign? The woman put her shovel down and walked back into the shack placing the lantern on the uneven table.

She turned around looking at Rhiannon, “Well are you going to come in?” You might as well your right at the front door.
She took a liking to the women fast. She reminded her of her own grandmother, who passed away awhile ago.
“Thank you, my name is Rhiannon, what is your name?”
“The old woman said, “I know your name, you told me it already what do you think I’m deaf?” Well you might as well know my name, it’s Claire.” Well finally she said, it’s nice to meet you, extending her hand out. They both sat on the wobbly chairs and got to know each other a little better.
“Claire I say that you’re a nice person.” I say the town’s people are just wrong about you.
“Oh, “Really Claire said, what are they calling me know?” They say you’re a witch and will kill on sight.  Claire started laughing no wonder I have no visitors. They both laughed even the ragged dog let out a little bark.

 “Claire, you know with all the spring flowers blooming you could turn this old shack into a very cute cottage.”
What? Claire said, yeah, we should make this shack into the most Enchanting cottage that you only see in them fancy home magazines.
Oh, child do not let your imagination run wild Claire giggled. This old thing is about to fall. Nonsense! She yelled out, we can have this place in tip top shape in no time. I guarantee you!

 She left Clair’s place and thinking on her way home how she was going to fix that beat up shack. Ideas came to mind.
Number one: Nails
Number two: Hammer
Number three: Paint
Number four: Flowers
Number five: Sand paper
That sounds about good she said to herself. The next day arrived and she went into her garage to get all that she needed to get that run down shack on its way, and putting the items all in her little red wagon.
Heading down the little hill right down to Claire’s she spotted her sweeping her porch with a few bristles that the crummy looking broom had.
“Good Morning Claire”
“Good Morning Dear”
“What do you have their child?” 
I brought all the items we need to ship shape this place into the enchanted cottage. Claire let out a small giggle.
Ok, Claire I am going to start fixing up these ugly windows. I brought new hinges and sand paper and paint, I will paint these windows sides and your windows will be like new.
They both started fixing the old shack to it’s best, hanging flower pots and herbs around the front porch, and getting the front garden in shape with all the beautiful spring flowers.
“Well Claire, I think we are doing a good job so far, and I can come back all this week and really do the painting and interior painting.”
Child you have done so much, you have a heart of gold.
Rhiannon left that night. When she return the next day Claire and the shack were gone, and no sign of the ragged old dog.  She called out, “Claire! Just to hear silence.”
She thought this was the wrong turn and was going to head back. She turned around and saw a note posted to the tree:
“Only a few have a heart of gold.
Therefore you will be rewarded in the end.”
She did not understand and did not know what to think, until she walked into town, where she saw the same saying on a church panel.

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