Sunday, August 30, 2015

Strange Night I had

It was around 2:30 A M now this is when the oddest things happen, why? I have no idea but they do. I was talking about a light in the sky hovering back and fourth in the past. Now this past night it was back just hovering it is not a light or store opening not in the A M.

I kept looking out my window and the colors it has are red and green, I yet to take a video or photo of this thing, what ever it is it had the capability to make my computer shut off and on.

I had to turn it off several times, I just can't believe that I see no complaints from other people that live near by and if they are up in the A M to ask if other's see this thing as well.

Well I keep checking the news paper and on line and nothing, so if I see it again I so will snap it:)

If anyone has the same experience popping on over  here..

I also see a huge white dog barking walking down our block, strange and unusual happening lol..


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