Sunday, August 2, 2015

TAP TAP TAP Short Story 1

Here is a page I made for my short stories, I love to write cold writings non edited, all I see in my head I will turn it into a little story. Enjoy they get weirder....

Tap Tap Tap
By, Angela 
Night fell Rachel and her two best friends are home alone having a girls night after her parents leave for the evening. It only took a few seconds for Rachel and her friends to do what teen girls do at a night over going wild blasting music eating all the junk food dancing around acting foolish. Rachel stopped dancing she hears a faint tapping sound, thinking it might be an un expected guess. She walked over to the stereo and turned down the music a moment of silence came over all three. Rachel do you mind telling us what's wrong? Sandy said. Shh listen Sandy I heard tapping do you hear it? No! maybe someone is at the front door.
Sandy tip toed to the front door as the other two followed behind her. Sandy open the front door a burst of leaves came rushing in. Oh my Rachel it's just the wind closing the door they all returned to the living room getting back into the party mode. Rachel thought about the tapping she couldn't let it go that's the way she was when odd things happens to her. Just then the phone rang Rachel grabbing the phone shushing the girls to turn down the music. Hello she said, looking at her friends trying to be all innocent. Hi mom, yes we are all fine here nothing to worry about yes mom love you to, her fingers fumbling dropping the phone.

Really Rachel, you need more of my drink. she walked towards Sandy and took her drink why not, now that's the Rachel we know and love. The three got back to having fun dancing to the music. Rachel excused herself to the kitchen, several more times she heard the tapping looking out the window darkness was all she seen. She wasn't sure were the tapping was coming from am I hopelessly going crazy her hands covering her ears. Rachel are you ok! Lisa yelled out. Yes I'm fine looking for more pretzels make sure they are chocolate yea ok.
Walking back into the living room they were all doing good having fun. We need to change this CD, yes put the new rock one, oh yea Sandy said fumbling in her bag to find it. Just then all three hear a faint tap, Sandy's motionless expression looking at Rachel, and Lisa. Rachel glanced out the window and back to the girls, a moment of relieve came over her, you see I wasn't hearing things. Again they hear tapping it's coming from outside no it's in here calm down you two Rachel yelled out, I better get flashlights will all go outside and look.
Not me Lisa panicky said, fine stay here Rachel grabbed two flashlights handing Sandy one both clinging to each other heading for the front door Lisa grabbed the knob and turning it open both walking out. Rachel whispered let's go that way first then towards the back ok let's go. Wind softly now blowing in the air fill with a pine scent. Rachel I don't hear tapping do you? No let's go over here now. Their worried expressions the light bouncing off the rocks from their flashlights making strange figures. Rachel feeling her body quiver all of a sudden they heard leaves rustling, what's that? I don't know they slowly turned around coming face to face with Lisa.
The three girls screamed, what are you doing out here? I got scared the tapping was getting louder in the house. Rachel let's get back in the house and let's see if we hear it as well, yea ok. clinging all together they walked back to  the house. They entered the house closed the door and turned the flashlights off. They huddled into the living room to their amazement they heard the tapping again. Ok you two I am going to go outside to the front window. No! are you crazy? Lisa yelled out. It's ok it is not like I'm going into the woods. She grabbed her flashlight once more to the front door she slowly open it. Lisa and Sandy watched her go outside.
She got to the window and walked closer the girls seeing a frighten Rachel looking in they 
turned around to see nothing and looking back at Rachel. Rachel was looking at people that once lived in her home tapping to get notice and  get out. Just then Rachel faded into the darkness the two girls couldn't believe what they just witness. They were scrambling to open the front door swinging it open they ran frantic outside screaming for Rachel, Sandy and Lisa both yelling, Sandy turned  frozen in fear looking at the glass window Lisa running to Sandy only seeing Rachel tapping and yelling to get out.  The End!

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