Monday, September 28, 2015

Chit Chat Eclipse Moon Sunday 9/27/15

The day before was Friday and we had the moon showing in the middle of the day which was cool to see it full and in the day, and the sun was still out, pretty cool I say.  I took this picture in the day and the moon is real clear.

I don't think I seen this in a long time, but loved it. I tried to take one.

This one I took last night Sunday when we had the eclipse, I seen the moon turn a red, then it started to cover and then it started to show the moon little by little, was amazing to see this event in my time.

I took this in my backyard, I could see it great but the picture didn't do that good, at the time the moon was covered and little was starting to show, way cool.  The night for me was clear in my backyard, but when the covering started to lift more that's when the clouds took over (haha) this was before the clouds took over.

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