Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Late Night Chatter 1

Well the nights are finally getting cooler, but for the past week we had 102 heat can you believe that, ( Phew) I thought I was in a oven, with out air condition is a killer, and the fan didn't help much.

Thank goodness it is almost over, I think we will have a mild winter here in the West Coast, as our Holiday's are always 80's :) no complaints.

The strange light came back again, I can't wait to get my car fixed so I can go see what it is, maybe it is a electrical light for letting the planes know if they are to low, not sure. It hovers I don't think they are suppose to hover.

I'm also getting my Etsy shop up with digital prints labels, I have to say having a shop is fun, even if I get no sales, just creating is the best :)

Will add another entry tomorrow night. 

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