Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Late Night Chatter 2

Another night not as crazy unless you can call a little dog out side that will not stop barking, and what is with seeing 2 white porcupines in my yard crawling around, now you know they have to belong to some one, or they crawled right of the sewer drains we have here. I sometimes wonder what is really in them drains. Don't you?

I was sitting in the AM one night a few moths ago and kid you not, there was another car in the front of my window on the street, I seen that there was a person in the car and when I went to turn off my tv and look out again he was gone.  Where in the world can the person go when I heard no car engine, and I know it was not my imagination come on.

I have to stop listening the the creepy radio show's at night, maybe then I wont encounter any freaky poo (lol) 

  Oh and stop looking out my window in the AM, but I can't help it that is when I see the creepiest crap going on,

Going to the craft stores tomorrow I so have to see what strangeness I encounter and will post yet another wacky story. 

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