Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Night Chat

The weather is finally getting a little cooler at night here, loving it.  I have notice that in the A.M. again the night is so still like a dead calm. No wind, breeze at all it is not normal for this time of month looks freaky to me.

I have been working on my Etsy shop adding new journal cards, and journal art for sale, I love to create that is the one thing that I can do with mistakes and no one will ever know, hehe...

I am working on granny squares and crochet purses as well for sale, that will be maybe in December if all goes well, I love to crochet.Oh and I am learning knitting finally, I have to make a few items and see how that ends up:)

Nothing strange to report this night, but then we are not in the A.M. are we... I love to sit up at night and look out my window and see if I spot anything strange, I feel one day a big nasty face will stare back at me, them I am out of here lol..

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