Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Starting a Art Page

Happy New Years :)

This Art Media I got ideas from great artists on line, I used some of there ideas and trying it as well to see how it goes:) I can't remember who but she is one I am sub to on you tube and she used a regular magazine from the thrift shop or your market. I bought a Good Homes they were cheaper to use for my work.

I'm no way done with it and not professional I just have a few pages done, I did use Mod Podge and Acrylic paints and fun cut out. I will post more when I am more into the pages, I still want to add more fun stuff to these pages before I move on.

Here is a rough draft before I add paint and others

The next page I added the paper I bought at Joann's they have great cute paper for cheap that you can use to tear it up or add to, that is what I like.

This one I drew the rose from a video I seen and cut out the border at the bottom and still need to work on this page and clean it up. The background paper is from Joann's. I added paint to the age before I added.

Here is where I drew this image and I just painted her up and added it her as well, I want to add some jewels and other stuff to this page:)

This was done in the middle of last year and I have a lot to go but it is fun. I will post more of new and the same when I am done with these pages:) Oh I also glues two pages together before I started.

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