Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Exercise Equipment I Use for my Workouts

5 Exercise Equipment I use for my Workouts

I usually like to workout around noon time after breakfast. I do my warm-up's before the actual work out to get my muscles ready. I have 5 items that I use and they so far are working for me. I know our bodies are different and we use what we are comfortable with.

Total Gym works really great, it works all muscles if you don't want to use the little stuff.

These are mine so far. You can see I really use them in and outdoors:) except Total Gym stays in side.

Pink Work out Ball - 

2 lbs Dumb Bell

Steper I call it

Ankle Weights 

Total Gym

I also search for good video's on Youtube that deal with what I am using.  I do find allot of great ones out there. You can find cardio as well, and I really like them. I will post the smoothie I drink, I forgot today. Just your Banana and Strawberry and Milk, I don't add sugar it has it's own. Let me know what you use to work out, I like to try new things as well.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Been Working on my Etsy Shop

Hey how ya doing? I have been adding a few new printable's  for Midori Traveler's Note book. They will also fit bigger planners as a dashboard.

You can use them for Journals, Scrapbooks, Paper Projects, they are pretty. I scanned them into my computer they are sized and ready to use.

All you need after printing is to get them laminated if that is what your going for. Print on hard card stock paper for better use.  Stop on by. Sunnygal Boutique 

Fits in my Midori Perfect: on the left side. I like to use my Midori as a diary, art journal, bible scriptures.

Monday, March 28, 2016

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There was no Sultry Sexiness about her. That came much later Marilyn Monroe

Friday, March 25, 2016

Fav Fhoto Friday

 Blooming Beauties 

It is a beautiful day here in So. Cal that I decided to share a photo of my beautiful flowers that are starting to bloom happily.

This one is so pretty she blooms and the red is red as can be, not sure of the name, but we have them all over.

I am also seeing baby I think it is Nectarines growing. They have not been growing since I got here 3 years ago and now I see they are coming out. See what happens when you talk to your babies:)

The White Roses are very beautiful specially when they are in full bloom, what I notice is they close a little at night and in the morning they are full again:)  If you have photos please share them with #favfotofriday

Freebie 2 Sticker Tags

I have for today's Freebie  these 2 PDF  fun print outs of Hearts and Frame Sticker Tags that you can use in your scrapbooks, journals, diary, anything you find a use for.

They are fun and  I hope that you can use them and be creative as well.

1  Hearts:

2.  Photo Frame Tags

Thursday, March 24, 2016

11 Must Do's Before Posting your Blog Article

I have posted articles on my older blogs in the past and I never knew the how to's. I am happy that in today's blogs there are so many helping tips out there it's great to make your post stand out and be seen.

I have a few tips here from BB ----->

That I'm going to share with you from my list I got from BB. I hope that your article will stand out the right way.

Do You Have Before Posting:

  1. A Good Title
  2. A Strong Title
  3. An Enticing Clickable Title 
  4. Subheader/Subtitle 1
  5. Subheader/Subtitle 2
  6. Subheader/Subtitle 3
  7. A Picture
  8. A Picture With Your Blog URL
  9. A Picture With An Enticing Title 
  10. A Custom Unique Picture 
  11. Photo Credits

Please Check off before you post. I also have to do these again I am missing my URL's in my photo's, that's a no no..

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

15 Writing Prompts

Hello Fellow My Readers,

  I have just added 15 Writing Prompts that you might just need to get out of that block. I know the feeling when your right at a good paragraph and Boom! your brain shuts.

I have been collecting a few prompts along the way and thought that you would like to have a fresh batch in your head.

Please visit my Writing and Book Review for the Prompts.

Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Clothing Items Under $ 20 for Spring/Summer

It's that time when we go looking for Spring and Summer clothes. I have a favorite on-line shop that I like and found  a few items that I think you  might like. Let me know what is your favorite fashion for the Season coming up. There are way more items on sale I just chose these that I would buy.

  Many on-lines shop I find you have to order early before the items are gone, lesson learned. (haha)

Venus  pictures are also from Venus.


$19 SALE $12 
Style #J54068​ 



$19 SALE $15 
Style #J56516



$36 SALE $19 
Style #Y34757


Style #Z54061



$41 SALE $11 
Style #V1602​ 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

9 Items That I Purchased at Michael's You Might Like

Took a trip to Michael's 

To see what I can purchase for my crafting needs. I found a few good items that I will come in handy. Some were on sale and other were not. They are having a great Sale so pop on over if you are looking for crafting supplies that are a reasonable price.

If your like me and purchase items you don't need but they are to cute to pass up, please let me know:)

All together my Items

I also seen this 12 x 12 Paper Pad that has many pretty designs, perfect for your paper crafts. Sale $9.99 it was $19.00.

This next item I am using for my pillows that I will have in my Shop soon. A pretty RBN Faux BRLP Lace. $ 3.99

I also wanted some of them funky scissors that cut all squiggly, I found a cheap pair for now, $1.99
Then I ran into the paint section. I seen these 2 fun colors I don't have Spearmint & Neon Blue $ .79 each.
Ok you can't pass the $1.00 section with out one item, I found 3, What? Mini Clipboard $ 1.50, Clothespins LG $1.50, Glitter Letters X $.50 I would of bought more glitter letters if I knew they said $1.50 oh and the Silver Dots were $ 1.29

Do I really need a Large Clothespin and a Mini clipboard No but they were cute. (LOL)
Mini Clip

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 Items That I got on Sale at Rite Aid

I went into Right Aid today and my eyeballs focused on SALE. I went right to the sale just like a radar. I seen the Wet N Wild has a sale 50% of regular price. I picked these 3 from that rack. I picked the other 2 from Hair and Nail section.

Items all together.
WNW Ult SPF15 FND in 855A Beige Reg $4.99 - Sale $2.99 Discount 2.00-

WNW Mega Conc LT Med Reg$1.99 Sale $ 1.19 Discount 0.80-
WNW ML NE Good Book 214C Megalast Nail Polish Red Reg $ 1.99 Sale $1.19 Discount 0.80-

CLRSilk 33 Soft Brown Reg $4.79 Sale $ 3.99 Discount 0.80-
RNWL Applicator FLCKD Reg $ 1.99 Sale $ 1.19 Discount 0.80-

I really like what I found for a fast run into the store. If your looking for a good deal you need to take a trip to Rite Aid, not sure if all Rite Aids have the same sale.

Monday, March 14, 2016

My Favorite Places on Line

I know we all love to shop on line at times Ok who doesn't. I have gathered a few of my favorite shops for you to view. You never know you might like something you see:) I will add more in the near future.

Crafters and Planners and Art Journals:

Fashion and Beauty:

Independent Shops:

Cooking Chefs:

Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy Friday Good Finds At The Dollar Tree

Hello, I hope that you all are having a wonderful Friday. It is cloudy here but very warm I'm not sure where the rain is I am still waiting. I felt like going to the Dollar Tree to see if I could find any cool stuff for my journal writing and they had a few most of the items were gone. I should of went to another one (haha)

Here is what I found and I'm happy to say I stayed only in this section or I would loose what I have in the bank:)

  These Dots are good for bullet list or add to your art journals.

I couldn't help getting the cute Paper Roses they will come in handy I'm sure.

I also seen these small notes to stick in your Planner or Journal but the thing is they really are light in sticky and I have to add either glue or tape, not really good I say. But they were cute (lol)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Forever 21 Finds Great Sales

I went out to take photos of scenery but found  myself going to Forever 21, and to think that I went on the right day. They are having a sale buy one and get the one free:) I couldn't pass up so I bought just 3 tops and 1 sweater.  I really do like when they have these kind of sales.

Now that spring is rolling around they have the sales going and some not on sale are still cute for spring, I so have to get one of there purses small pastels are very pretty. It might be me but I say they have more merchandise this time going in. Need to be checked out if your looking for great deals. (not being payed to say my say:)

I really liked this one Grey/Blue it has little square shapes and goes well with my skirts The detail is really pretty as I like sparkly tops at times. $0.00 got free

The squares I haven't seen before.

This  Knit Yellow one reminds me of the 60's and 70's wear to fun, I couldn't pass it up. The pattern is a lace look and the texture is very soft. Light that I have to wear a undershirt. It's very pretty. $0.00 got free.

I saw this one Jade/White  and thought it would look to odd, but when I tried it on it was perfect fit. I guess I am just set on old looks and just don't want to get out of my box, when I do it is fun to find  new spring tops. $4.99

I can finally put away my heavy sweater and use this light one, very soft and pretty Cream/Taupe Cardigan  goes with any piece of clothing. $8.99

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

DIY Candy Heart Box Jewelry Box

Oh my goodness I forgot all about this craft that I did do awhile ago. I had this pretty heart box that had candy inside and when they were gone I didn't want to toss it out so I was thinking what I can do with it. Then I looked at my jewelry that I always have laying around because I am lazy at times to put my jewelry away the proper way.

I just kept thinking and BOOM! it hit me, I went to  my craft storage and looked inside and I had small pink pom pom's and cotton and hot glue gun. What I did was clue around the inside and put the small pom pom's around all the way on the top, and glued each cotton to the bottom and this is what I came up with.

What you need:
2. Small pom pom's
3. Hot Glue Gun

What I use it for is I insert my rings in between the cotton and lay my other pieces on top, I do have the lid and place it to close it:)

Not real jewelry but imagine if it was (lol)

I hope that you try this and make it more your's, I would like to see if you do and what you come up with, Now you know don't toss the cute heart candy boxes.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Freebie 4 Printable Journal/Planner Stickers

Hello Friends,

I hope that your day is starting off ok so far, I know that the mornings can be a blah. I so enjoy the planner stickers and the journal cards out there to insert into my Midori that I thought to make fun creative one's for the freebie today. These are 1 sheet of planner stickers that I thought might be fun for March. I ran out of heavy sticker paper and had to print on your regular printing paper not bad. They will fit your Life Planner. Right Click on Image and save as is.  I have to click off fit picture to from to get this one full, please check your printer settings.

You also can use them in your journal as well and make it your's. The strips are great for the Midori although you will have to cut I say an inch off and perfect it fits, you can even cut it up and use it how you see fit.

I made these for you to add to or write on, I added all these to my Midori to give you a look how they will look. I will write into it and when I am done I will post it here a finish up date on what I did.

The green Frogs I thought were cute to use even as fun kid sticker tags.
Here I have my  Midori and you can see how they fit on the paper, so cute:) Enjoy PS; Not the best cutter :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Attract More Reader 50 Things To Do

I am sharing my BB check list with you, and you can get your own binder printables  over at Blogger Babes a wonderful place, I hope this helps you as it does me.

Start  with the Basics

1. Have a Clear Brand
2. Speak to an Obvious Target Market
3. USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
4. Analytics
5. Responsive Site and Mobile-Ready


6. Professional Quality Logo/Header
7. Easy to navigate
8. Visual Appeal
9. An Email Newsletter
10.Optimize Sign-up Offer
11. A fabulous or Fun Free Gift
12. Invitation to friend/Follow on social media
13. Rss Feed
14. Prominent Sear Box
15. Membership Option
16. Promote your Book
17. Testimonials


18. Share your Credentials
19.About Page
20. Professionals Pictures
21. Contact Page
22. Contact Page
23.Media or Press Page
24. FAQ Page

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy Women's History Day

Today is a day to be thankful for the women's all over who went threw hell for us to be here doing what we enjoy and also making our opinion count as the man. I am honored and thankful for them ladies who made it happen for us all.

I look back today and remember my mom always saying as I was growing up that I can do anything thanks to the women in the past with out them fighting for our rights we would never be anything but stuck at home.

And if anyone tells you that you can't do that just smile and say yes I can then walk away.

That I will never forget.

Picture (google Images)

Happy Monday wake up

*yawning* As I look out the window  I see it is going to be a beautiful day. Trying to wake up is the toughest because I just want to be lazy, but NO then I can not get work done. *smiles*  Ok I need a shot of my fav drink in the morning well I ran out of OJ.

I also like to read inspirational quotes that get me going, here is one for you:)

Wake up and have a beautiful morning where your at, stay warm if your in the East.

What are the best ways that find you to get going in the morning?
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