Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Exercise Equipment I Use for my Workouts

5 Exercise Equipment I use for my Workouts

I usually like to workout around noon time after breakfast. I do my warm-up's before the actual work out to get my muscles ready. I have 5 items that I use and they so far are working for me. I know our bodies are different and we use what we are comfortable with.

Total Gym works really great, it works all muscles if you don't want to use the little stuff.

These are mine so far. You can see I really use them in and outdoors:) except Total Gym stays in side.

Pink Work out Ball - 

2 lbs Dumb Bell

Steper I call it

Ankle Weights 

Total Gym

I also search for good video's on Youtube that deal with what I am using.  I do find allot of great ones out there. You can find cardio as well, and I really like them. I will post the smoothie I drink, I forgot today. Just your Banana and Strawberry and Milk, I don't add sugar it has it's own. Let me know what you use to work out, I like to try new things as well.

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