Tuesday, March 8, 2016

DIY Candy Heart Box Jewelry Box

Oh my goodness I forgot all about this craft that I did do awhile ago. I had this pretty heart box that had candy inside and when they were gone I didn't want to toss it out so I was thinking what I can do with it. Then I looked at my jewelry that I always have laying around because I am lazy at times to put my jewelry away the proper way.

I just kept thinking and BOOM! it hit me, I went to  my craft storage and looked inside and I had small pink pom pom's and cotton and hot glue gun. What I did was clue around the inside and put the small pom pom's around all the way on the top, and glued each cotton to the bottom and this is what I came up with.

What you need:
2. Small pom pom's
3. Hot Glue Gun

What I use it for is I insert my rings in between the cotton and lay my other pieces on top, I do have the lid and place it to close it:)

Not real jewelry but imagine if it was (lol)

I hope that you try this and make it more your's, I would like to see if you do and what you come up with, Now you know don't toss the cute heart candy boxes.

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