Thursday, March 10, 2016

Forever 21 Finds Great Sales

I went out to take photos of scenery but found  myself going to Forever 21, and to think that I went on the right day. They are having a sale buy one and get the one free:) I couldn't pass up so I bought just 3 tops and 1 sweater.  I really do like when they have these kind of sales.

Now that spring is rolling around they have the sales going and some not on sale are still cute for spring, I so have to get one of there purses small pastels are very pretty. It might be me but I say they have more merchandise this time going in. Need to be checked out if your looking for great deals. (not being payed to say my say:)

I really liked this one Grey/Blue it has little square shapes and goes well with my skirts The detail is really pretty as I like sparkly tops at times. $0.00 got free

The squares I haven't seen before.

This  Knit Yellow one reminds me of the 60's and 70's wear to fun, I couldn't pass it up. The pattern is a lace look and the texture is very soft. Light that I have to wear a undershirt. It's very pretty. $0.00 got free.

I saw this one Jade/White  and thought it would look to odd, but when I tried it on it was perfect fit. I guess I am just set on old looks and just don't want to get out of my box, when I do it is fun to find  new spring tops. $4.99

I can finally put away my heavy sweater and use this light one, very soft and pretty Cream/Taupe Cardigan  goes with any piece of clothing. $8.99

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