Friday, March 4, 2016

Freebie 4 Printable Journal/Planner Stickers

Hello Friends,

I hope that your day is starting off ok so far, I know that the mornings can be a blah. I so enjoy the planner stickers and the journal cards out there to insert into my Midori that I thought to make fun creative one's for the freebie today. These are 1 sheet of planner stickers that I thought might be fun for March. I ran out of heavy sticker paper and had to print on your regular printing paper not bad. They will fit your Life Planner. Right Click on Image and save as is.  I have to click off fit picture to from to get this one full, please check your printer settings.

You also can use them in your journal as well and make it your's. The strips are great for the Midori although you will have to cut I say an inch off and perfect it fits, you can even cut it up and use it how you see fit.

I made these for you to add to or write on, I added all these to my Midori to give you a look how they will look. I will write into it and when I am done I will post it here a finish up date on what I did.

The green Frogs I thought were cute to use even as fun kid sticker tags.
Here I have my  Midori and you can see how they fit on the paper, so cute:) Enjoy PS; Not the best cutter :)

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