Sunday, April 3, 2016

10 Blogging Topic Ideas for your Blog Post

10 Blogging Tip Ideas

We all have that big block when it comes to thinking of what to write of. I have many times to this day get block. So I think  to myself what would people find interesting in reading? I know I have to come up with better post myself and make the reader more interested.

I do hope that these tips help you overcome that block, and please if you have other tips useful please share them in the comment section for other readers to view and try.

Tips to Try:

1. Interview someone that is in the same niche as your blog, and ask them questions on how they got to where they are now. Make the questions very interesting.

2. Who doesn't like Crafts. Try a how to video with step by step instructions on what you find interesting and make sure that your reader will like it as well. Stay in your blog frame.

3.  I always come up to this one when I am checking other blogs in my niche. Tell your reader the Lessons that you learned from posting the first time and not doing it again. With an explanation on what made you learn from the mistake. I still have to do a post on this one from me.  

4. Social media we all like the great tips.  If you have information on media platforms and what to do with them that involves your blog, share them with your reader. They will love it, specially if it will help them with there blog. 

5. Family is the most important one. If you have a family and have great tips on how to budget your shopping, family life and make time for you. Share it as well with other parents out there.

6. Trips even if it is around town. Take a few photos not of  street names to identify exactly
 where your at, but photos of what you know your reader will find interesting, then write a little about that photo and share them, I myself love seeing other bloggers trip photos even if it is the trip to the market.

7. Fashion see what you have in your closet that no one has seen in your photos before and make  fun look book. Include your accessories and fun hairstyles.

8. Cooking & Baking I enjoy seeing other people cook and trying there recipe's. If your have a recipe that you love why not share it along with step by step instructions and photos or a video. Make it interesting that they will want to try it as well. 

9. Everyone at some point looks for that Health and Fitness Tips. Why not share what you know so that the reader will do there own research on that tip and if they find it helpful, they just may come back for more tips on what you may share next.

10. If you can just get out side and Go around your town and see what is so interesting that catches your eye and will grab your reader. See if there are any events, museums, old historic sites, fun concerts, nature walks, so many to name just go out and see what you can blog about. 

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