Wednesday, May 11, 2016

21 Tips To Stay In Shape For Summer or All Times

Great Workout Book Step by Step at your own pace

I have a book Body Shaping, it has great workout pictures and health tips for you. I really like this book if your looking to get in shape for the summer to come or for health reason, this is a check out book.

1. Get Dressed 
2, Schedule Exercise First
3. If you hate it, Try it again
4. Forget The Excuses
5. Start Slowly 
6.Progress Gradually At Your Own Pace
7. Just Do It
8. Keep a Workout Diary 
9. Get a Feel For The Exercise 
10. Ignore a Lapse 
11. Forget About Being Perfect 
12. Half a Workout is Better Than None
13. Give It Six Weeks
14. Try a Variety of Exercises 
15. Don't Obsess Over Food 
16. Banish Negative Thoughts And Feelings 
17. Talk Positively Self-Talk
18. Say "YES" I can
19. Believe in Yourself 
20. Reward Yourself 
21. Keep an Eye On The Future 

These are great tips that I do follow myself, never give up.

Burning Calories are fun and sometimes you never know your doing it:) more from the book, I want to get into tennis seems fun. If you have any tips please share.

Bicycling - 85 to 450 calories

Dancing - 85 - 300 calories

Gardening and House Work - 125 calories

Rope Jumping - 220 - 235 calories

Swimming  135 - 400 calories

Walking - 110 - 250 calories

Racquet Sports 140 - 300 calories

Firmer - thighs              Slimmer-  hips
Flatter - waist                 Fuller -  breasts
Trimmer - arms             Shapelier -  legs
Firmer - buttocks 

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