Monday, May 16, 2016

Living on a Food Budget $80 for a 3 Weeks

Living on a Low Food Budget

I always am on a food budget and most recently I seen that it was going fast and I usually put more into my food on the 10 of the month. I have $80 and I figured out that if I can live on a budget of $20 for a week till the 10th with no spending on any other foods as fast foods or order take out I can do it.

The best thing if your starting on your own or living in a dorm and need to save money for other things and not spend to much on food try $20 and see if you can do it.

The items I usually look for when I go into the market is store brand names or if I'm lucky I can find  the brand name on sale as you see here in my bunch. 3 more weeks to go next week I'll spend another $20

I have a few items here with the brand name but you can't pass up when they are on sale for $1.99 really excellent steal. I do have in my pantry Tuna, more cans of Beans, Rice, and more Soups specially the .78 ones that are Chicken Noodle just add hot always have great prices.

I always stock up on frozen dinners or side dishes or meats as well for 1.99 Ralphs is the place to go :) It seems like they always have sales.  I like to make a large dinner that way I can have left overs, the more you can make and save for a few days you can save more $ into your food stash that is what I like. 

I know it may not be for all people with families but for single like me it is worth trying and once you set your budget and do it it gets easier to stay in that range, Oh my! I forgot the .99 cent stores has great deals as well:) just because it is a .99 cent store don't let that bother you if others laugh..You'll be saving not them...

Please let me know what you stock up on as well or do you have a budget and not go over.

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