Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday Night Chat Get Cozy

Good Evening,

 Hope all is well. I decided to change my title blog name and just go with a new one. It is a time for a change and to start sharing new fresh posts.

Not sure when I will post new items but it will be soon. I just took a new picture of my apple tree in the backyard, if you remember I have a post of last year they were small, but this year my brother brought me some food for the trees and I placed them in the dirt.

By golly they grew a little bigger as well as the nectarines:)

what was cute was that a squirrel that I seen on top of the was was yelling at me I was watering the tree before I picked my apples and he kept yelling, I said what is your melfunction and he looked at me, and all the time I didn't have my camera, but I stopped watering and he jumped on the apple tree branch and took one apple and stuffed it a little in his mouth and took off then he looked back at me and put his head up and

It was the cutest wish you all could of seen..share your stories of the little critters if they took your fruit in front of you:)

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