Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DIY Composition Book to Fun Journal or Planner

DIY Journal or Planner Composition Book

Oh my goodness this never crossed my mind till I ran into Suzi Blu video on how to create a fun planner from a plain Composition Book. I always seen them books but passed them by. Now I have fun things to try with them.  I am having a blast creating and adding, if you have done this and have great tips please share.

Here is what I came up with, and giving it to my BF/Sister she is waiting for it:)

I bought the book and it is plain first:
Then I did the next step to fun tape it, I call it. I really liked how it came out:) bottom tape is from my  local market, number stickers Dollar Tree, letters are foam Dollar Tree, polka dot tape School Supply Store, Hear puffy Dollar Tree, I did the drawing with paint.. Pink Dots from Micheal's $1.00 spot

So inside I added scrapbook paper sheets I got at Joann's and Michael's all on sale.

1st page, maybe needs too get a few post its.

2nd page.

3rd page,  fun paper sheets are great to have even if you don't need them at times.

I'm still working on it a bit before I send it out.

I really like the back of the page I taped double sided to this small pocked pencil case I got from the Dollar Tree at the Back School Section, to cute

next I tried water color just to see how it would look, not bad
Here is the back cover:

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