Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Target Finds for my new 2017 planner

I had to take a fast trip to Target and in the process instead of looking for what I wanted to get I bought what was not on my list, hehe. Ok you know we all do this. Here are some of the items I did purchase.

I wanted to try another planner than my normal size Happy Planner for next year, although I did see the mini HP and I am thinking of getting one for my purse.

I like how the inside is very spacious for writing down your planning $10.99

4 year calendar in the front page

 Then it has a small planning rectangles

I do like how the monthly calendar looks very spacious to write

And here is the weekly boxes big and great for writing down

The back also has notes for writing to..
  Now the gel pens I got in the dollar section for $3 and they write pretty good for $3

and my fun pom pom I got as well $3 and I have it on my big art, scrap journal book:)

my journal

The 3 post its I will use next year on my planner, maybe :) they were $2.99

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