Thursday, September 5, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects Review

I have been using this product since I received it over a week ago. Fresh Effects complimentary from Influester in my Vox Box, I love it.

I have notice that my pores are gone and my face ha become cleared of the pores. I can go with out make up and just add concealer and face powder. This has to be the best part.

Before I used this I had oily skin from the heat summer and make up running. (UGG) always bothered me, I have tried this and I see that I don't have an oily face and my face powder last all day, I'm not sure with other skin types but this is for my skin type Hypoallergenic.

I always seen this product in the stores but never purchased it, Now I know what product I can trust when looking to rid of my pores. Thank you Olay and Influenster.

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