Monday, August 11, 2014

Chicken Parmesan Easy Cheesy Healthy Recipe by Rocky Barragan

Yummers.  I am happy that this came out real good, I made two but could only eat one so the other one I have for lunch, the creamy cheese and the sauce just makes the chicken juicy and no hard work to prepare at all.

I did this under an hour and no mess or hassle haha I don't care for mess but it happens:) thank you Rocky for sharing your recipe's and I will try more
rocky barragan recipes
The finish dish mmm.
what we need:
what is looks like before the oven.
after 40 minutes I left a little longer
I took it out and added the cheese and put back in for 5 minutes till cheese is melted

when it is done: And it was delish for left over as well.

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