Thursday, April 23, 2015

3 Excellent Crafters Blog Site

I have many sites that are my favorite, but for these 3 sites I used for my crochet projects and they came out great. My first one is called Crochet Hooks You this site has free crochet patterns plus tutorial video's on how to crochet patterns, they are clear and the video's are great for beginners.

 1.   Crochet Hooks You.

2. BobWilson123
 On-line Crochet Tutorials
I love this one, I have trouble in crocheting  little cute creatures and I seen this site so I checked out there video and at first I thought it might be to difficult but no it was so easy and I did it the first time, all the instructions are clear and easy to read or hear on video.

I can't wait to try other colors in making more cute little butterflies. so if your looking for a fun easy crochet project check this one out you'll love it, plus there are may other patterns to choose from.

Aw here is where I found the Puff Stitch Flower so pretty another one I thought that would be hard but nope, it was easy to follow. I still want to make new ones with combo colors to see how they come out. Now if your looking to make flowers and not sure please take a look at these patterns and see what you think. I love it here as well you will not be dis satisfied.

I have shred my 3 favorite Crochet sites for you to look at and have fun creating if your a crochet person even if your not you might love it you never know till you try it.

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