Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Missing Time Book and Video Review

I bought this book awhile ago and loved it, I will not give too much away but I can’t imagine the majority of people who get abducted and what they go through, this book has many accounts of people’s abduction very interesting. The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill has to be the one I am more familiar with very interesting.

I also like to hear of how people really go through time, say one person is going to the store and boom they end up in another time period and in a blink they come back, I always wondered what I would do if it happen to me. I found this video on Youtube of a couple that had that happen to them so interesting.
Another story I came upon was a couple in England came to a town that never dies as they put it, not sure of the true nature I have to look up that one again. Or stories of people just vanishing when their friends or person is with them they turn for a second and boom they’re gone, where? What happen to them? Next time you’re out and about be alert in your surroundings. 

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