Friday, May 15, 2015

My Strange Story at Night 2

The night this was written was a freaky one,
Oh this is the moon a few nights ago:)
But you get the idea were the light was about but way smaller..
Entry 1: 1-24-15 12:33 am,

Ok how strange was a small fire truck parked out our home, no fires, no persona needs I didn't hear any alarm gong off, you could see someone in the drivers seat looking at something lite like maybe a phone or pad and kept looking back and forth at the light and our window, not sure what he was doing or what but he kept glancing at my window, creepy.

I thought maybe he might be resting but you know when I looked out about 12: 29 am no one was outside, and when I peeked again a few second later he was there I didn't hear a truck motor or anything, it was like he just appeared. Then I turned my light on and went into the kitchen to look out and I saw no one was up all the block lights were out. I went back to my room turned off the light peeked out and he was gone....

Now if that is not creepy I'm not sure what is..

Entry 2: 2:45  pm

Woke up at 2:45 am

I looked out my window and there again were the lights shining red, green it was not an airplane or helicopter, no this thing was floating back and forth I almost woke my brother up but I let it pass and went to sleep.

Entry 3: 2:00 am next night

Freaky poo last night, so the lights came back, this time a helicopter was hovering around it, I knew it wasn't normal it did that for all most an hour. My brother came out of his room to see what was going on, so I showed him the light it was still moving a little back and forth, and then the neighbors came out and seen the sky, finally I am not the only one who seen this.

It came back a few month ago in late April I was going to go video tape it but when I looked again it was gone and have not been back

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