Thursday, May 14, 2015

My strange story at night time

Being a night owl as my self you see and hear a few weird things, I have a few recorded journal entries I will share. Let's see what first? Oh yeah! This was in the last week of last August, Entry: another strange night in the sky, I seen the light again with many colors thought it was a plane or helicopter but nope it was not, for some reason it stays in one spot for about 30 minutes to an hour then it will move to the right a little bit and stay till 4 am, ok another thing happen that night before 4 am, I was laying down just thinking about that light and all of a sudden I seen flashes, thinking what the heck is that, so me bieng curious I took a peek out the window and I saw a police car point it's flashlights at my neighbor windows all down the block and the windows all had the blinds down so they were just shining at the window for no reason, I have to say they might of been bored..but no way was I going to let them see me.. 

Entry 2 Tuesday the next day, the strange lights came back at the midnight hour about 2 am I head the ugliest howl and it was no dog unless it took voice lessons, I peeked out side but I saw nothing, the birds were singing before the howl and when it howled they stooped singing all night.  nothing happen after these days until all the way to 12/10/14  me and my brother heard at 12 am two owls who had the loudest hoots, it was like they had bull horns, and he told me as long as he lived here he heard no owls, great only me, but they come back a few times and have not heard them anymore.
Let me know if you have strange stories at night like me the night owl, I will post a few more last from last year tomorrow.

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