Thursday, May 28, 2015

What happen today in History

I seen these and thought they were interesting to see what happen a while back on this date. Imagine what it was like back then, I wonder sometimes.

1977 U.S.A. Beverly Hills Supper Club fire 28th May 1977 : A fire takes hold and fire races through the Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, Kentucky killing 165 people. When the fire began it is believed over 3,000 were in the club and the combination of lack of sprinkler systems and audible automatic fire alarms together with poorly marked fire exits resulted in the large number of deaths that night.

2. 1937 Spain Civil War 28th May 1937 : The Civil war in Spain is now also being fought in the air as both sides are using more than 70 airplanes to bomb and ravage the cities of Valencia and Santander in some of the worst destruction ever seen by the use of aircraft in a war with civilians being the biggest casualties.

3. 1951 U.S.A. Macy's / Gimbals Price War 28th May 1951 : The two biggest retailers in New York City are planning to go head to head with an old fashioned price war Macy's the worlds largest department store and Gimbals who have said they will not be undersold. Macy's has stated they will cut 6% off of a quarter of it's products throughout the store.

4. On May 28 and 29, 1851, the Ohio Woman's Rights Convention met in Akron. Mrs. Frances D. Gage, convention president, began the proceedings with a stirring call to arms:
Are not the natural wants and emotions of humanity common too, and shared equally by both sexes? Does man hunger and thirst, suffer cold and heat more than woman? Does he love and hate, hope and fear, joy and sorrow more than woman? Does his heart thrill with a deeper pleasure in doing good? Can his soul writhe in more bitter agony under the consciousness of evil or wrong? Is the sunshine more glorious, the air more quiet, the sounds of harmony more soothing, the perfume of flowers more exquisite, or forms of beauty more soul-satisfying to his senses than to hers. To all these interrogatories every one will answer, No!
"Opening Address," The Proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Akron, Ohio, May 28 and 29, 1851, 5, 1851.

Votes for Women, 1848-1921 Vote for Women  

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