Sunday, May 24, 2015

Your Guide to Rescuing Dry, Damaged Hair

I see that coloring my hair all the time and using products on it seem to damage my hair, as much as I try to use less it still damages my hair. I am always looking for tips on trying to make my hair more healthy looking and stop frying it.

I also notice that it starts to break off on the ends and gets brittle, I like using a oil for now but always looking for different stuff to try. I came upon this site, it's a good one with great tips.

Damaged Hair vs. Dry Hair 

Damaged hair often occurs if you frequently apply strong chemical treatments to your hair (including keratin treatments, relaxers, and bleach). A telltale sign is if your ends look dull, your hair feels brittle, and it doesn't absorb hair color.

Dry hair usually looks and feels frizzy with many split ends. It can be caused by frequent use of heated styling tools, not using conditioner, repetitive color treatments, and direct overexposure to the sun.

Original Article   by HFW on May 24, 2015

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