Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to Easily Avoid the Biggest Internet Scams

I'm one of them people who are always wondering after I made a purchase if my information will be easy for thief's to down load? Cautious I am,  still we can never be to sure about on-line purchasing for anything.

Even if we buy something is it real or fake or will it come in or will the sender say I sent it and didn't at all and kept the money, I am always thinking of that, I still order on line just cautiously  now. Here is a great article of this subject, check it out for your safety.

There are many things we can do to make ourselves safer when engaging in internet transactions. The first thing to do is to become aware of the common scams that people engage in on the internet. Craigslist scams tend to focus on people offering goods and services, because those are the people who tend to be placing the ads. These include rental scams, car buying or selling scams, ticket scams, job scams, and fake guarantee scams. Rental scams tend to target potential tenants and can be run in a variety of ways. In many of these scams, the alleged landlord has no link to the property that is being shown, but is collecting deposits and rent in an effort to fleece people. Car sales scams can either be on the buying side or the seller side. 

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