Friday, June 19, 2015

My 2nd Paranormal Experience

I am headed to Los Angeles it's 6 pm, The place I am to be is called Casa Del Mexicano. An old place that is a theater and used for wrestling at times. The night was cold we had 3 teams lots of members it was great.  My first start was a briefing of the place and are assigned places, to be for about an hour each, The night was getting colder.

I was teamed up with my new paranormal friend and we went into the dressing room mind you it was dark we sat there asking questions (EVP)  we played it back after a few minutes of asking but I heard nothing, Just then I looked sideways to the stage and on the center a bright light started to form in the form I saw what look like some one twirling and for a few seconds I pointed to my friend to look he got up and took a peek but it had disappeared as fast as it showed up, he missed it. I couldn't take a photo my camera was on the fritz at the time. Very upsetting.

We then separated he sat back down and I was heading down the stars to o to the middle of the floor what you can see the stage, I got to the last step and saw something black dart up from the ground and head to the stage and right were my friend was sitting, I didn't bother to say anything he was recording, but after that night I told him and he told me he seen something black go by him as well, how cool was that I said. Well I headed down to the kitchen with other members and we all did separate questions, I got nothing, some people there did, but not me this time. I was told there was a Dr. who was in the girls bathroom touching pinching pulling hair, I went in with another member a male and we stayed there but he didn't touch or say a word.
Exciting, the night was ending and we all headed back up stairs, we all met in the middle of the floor and did a few more EVP's and some saw something on the stage and I didn't I guess I saw what I was going to see that night and I did.

As we were all saying good bye another paranormal friend and me were standing in the back of the crowd and we both heard a women walking and her heels, just like if some women was in back of us, we turned and no one was there we were aw struck, we both exchange what we heard I also heard her say Hi there, it was an amazing night with great friends.

After a few years I came to terms knowing no such thing as ghosts, only evil spirits and good spirits, and we both saw evil...not sure what followed me home but at times in the night my bathroom light would switch on and I had to turn it off about 3 times,  From time to time I still see stuff move and hear but I ignore knowing what it is,  Jesus is all I need and they need to be gone :)

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