Monday, June 29, 2015

My Favorites in my closet so far part 1

Ok so I have not many items, what I do have I kept they are my favorites. I do wear them often and I love them, except the paint it get's on me (haha)

This dress I got from target and I love it. It is so summery and cool to wear in the heat.

This skirt I did find at the thrift sore amazing cool stuff you can find there, and some items are new like this one, lucky I was:)   it's allot better when it is on:)

oh and my purse I also found in the same thrift store new as well. It also has a phone case or what ever you use it for, to cute.

I love these shoes, I got them at a outside mall, one of them little stores next to the bank or stores. They are very easy to walk in and comfy.

This next one is my scarves I have many but these two are cute to wear with white skirts and red or black.

My bracelets I like to wear in summer, I have many more but I go to these more.

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