Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Strange Night Last Few Days

 Strangest night again, I just love this block you never know what will pop out of the sewer drain or sky. On this night it was about 1:40 am almost 2 am. I hear this dog started to bark and the barking got louder and louder, I heard it as if it was going down the block, so I got up and peeked out the window and there was this very white huge dog looked almost like a wolf but not quit I think anyway it was walking down the block barking  and making the other dogs bark.

So I seen him walk down the block and went back to bed then again it got louder so I knew he was by me again then I seen flashing lights and in the middle of the block was a cop car I seen the cop get out of the car and looked at the dog and the dog looked at him and he was howling this time.

Then the cop got back into his car and drove off leaving the dog there, ok so the dog took off down the block, Then as I was gonna turn in again I saw two cute huge possums white not sure where they came from if the  sewer or owner and they got loose. I looked at them for a bit they were walking around the front yard then the took off to the neighbor across the street and fought with the cat and that was the last I seen of them to,

I have to say that this block should be named Strange Happenings (haha)  well let's see what other thing I can tell you when it happens. If you have strange stores please share I would love to hear about them.

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